DIY Homemade Brown Sugar And Honey Face Scrub For Acne And Glowing Skin

Exfoliation is great for keeping your skin smooth, soft, and fresh looking. It reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles and helps your skin to glow.

But some of the methods regularly promoted can be a bit harsh on your face.

If the idea of burning the top layers from your skin with concentrated alpha and beta hydroxy acids or sandblasting away imperfections with microdermabrasion sounds a little too much for your skin to handle then there are more gentle alternatives.

Honey has many benefits for the skin, and when combined with brown sugar to make a brown sugar and honey face scrub it makes an easily tolerated exfoliant that will reinvigorate your complexion.

In this article I’ll show you some of the important things you should know about using honey on your face and how you can make this face scrub at home.

What Does Honey Do To Your Face?

You get a number of benefits from applying honey to your skin:

  • Exfoliating - It contains organic acids that help to exfoliate the skin.
  • Moisturizing – It's a humectant that helps your skin to retain moisture.
  • Anti-aging – Honey contains antioxidants that protect the skin from free radical damage, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
  • Dermatitis And Rosacea – There is evidence to suggest that applying honey to your face can help with skin conditions like dermatitis and rosacea (1).

Will Any Honey Do?

Well, you can use any honey you want to make the scrub, but not if you want the benefits for your skin of using honey.

You see, unfortunately, you can’t just use any honey you have in the cupboard or that you find on the shelves in the supermarket.

The problem is, that a lot of honey is pasteurized and filtered until most of the beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, and enzymes have been removed.

This results in a ‘dead’ honey.

For best results when using a honey scrub you should look to purchase the best raw honey for face care. It’s best to make sure it’s also unfiltered and organic. Many people like to use manuka honey as a lot of promising scientific research has been conducted using the best manuka honey for skin.

As a general rule of thumb, the darker the honey the greater the level of antioxidants it is commonly thought to contain (2).


How To Make A Brown Sugar And Honey Face Scrub

So, you’ve got your jar of organic, raw honey and a packet of brown sugar, and you’re almost ready to start.

Also get yourself a bottle of a suitable oil for using on your skin, and then you’re ready to go. Avocado, coconut, grapeseed, almond, jojoba, or argan oil are all good choices for this recipe, even if you have oily skin.

DIY Brown Sugar And Honey Face Scrub

brown sugar and honey face scrub

Directions For Use:

1. Put 1/4 of a cup of honey into a small bowl.

2. Add 1/2 a cup of brown sugar and a cup of the oil.

3. Stir the ingredients together.

4. Use your fingers to gently rub the mixture over your face for about 2-3 minutes

5. Leave the mixture on your face for another 10 minutes, or wash off straight away if you prefer with cool or tepid water.

6. Put the rest of the mixture you have prepared into a sealable container and keep it in the fridge for further use.

7. You don't want to overdo it when exfoliating your face, so it's best to limit the use of this to a couple of times per week.

Side Effects And Precautions

  • You should always use a sunscreen when going outside in the days after exfoliating your skin.
  • If you've never used honey before it's probably best to do a quick patch test by placing a small amount on your wrist to see how your skin reacts to it.
  • The general advice is that honey shouldn't be used by breastfeeding women, or on babies under 12 months of age (3).
  • If you have a pollen allergy then you should be careful of using honey as you could be allergic to it.


Final Thoughts

A brown sugar and honey face scrub is quick and easy to prepare, and provides gentle exfoliation that can help to improve the appearance of your skin, removing fine lines and blackheads, and unclogging blocked skin pores when used regularly.

If you have sensitive or dry skin then this might make a better natural alternative to some of the harsher treatment methods that are commonly recommended.

If you use a raw honey for your face scrub then you’ll also get all the benefits that honey has for your skin.

Have you tried using a homemade brown sugar and honey face scrub? Please share your thoughts with us.

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