How To Use Honey For Blackheads

One of the most common complaints from people hoping to achieve the perfect complexion is the presence of blackheads dotting their skin.

It often seems impossible to completely get rid of them, but there are methods of treatment that can help to remove and reduce their appearance.

One of the natural treatments that are frequently recommended is the use of honey for blackheads.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the properties of honey that make it useful for getting rid of blackheads and how you can use it.

Is Honey Good For Blackheads?

Blackheads are caused by the blocking of your skin pores with sebum and dead skin cells.

When these blockages are exposed to the air, the sebum is oxidized and turns black. If bacteria also invade this area it can lead to the development of acne.

Not only does honey have antibacterial properties that can prevent the infection of these pores, but some people also find that using the best honey for face care helps to remove their blackheads and keep their complexion looking clear.

This is thought to be because of two main reasons:

  • Exfoliant

    Honey has a gentle exfoliation action because it contains organic acids such as gluconic acid (1).

    These acids constitute about 1% of honey and when left on the skin they help to dissolve and remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. With regular use people find their skin looking softer and smoother, with less noticeable skin pores.

  • Absorbant

    People with oily skin often have a problem with blackheads. Honey can absorb excess sebum and impurities from the skin when it's applied to the face.

    This helps to prevent the buildup of sebum and dead skin in the pores.


How To Use Honey For Blackheads:

There are a number of different ways that you can use honey on your face if you’re looking to remove your blackheads. Here are some recipes that you can try:

Honey And Cinnamon Face Mask For Blackheads

A common face mask combination, cinnamon has antibacterial properties and contains antioxidants that help to protect the skin.

Directions For Use:

1. Get a jar of organic, raw honey, and a jar of cinnamon powder.

2. Measure 3 tablespoons of the raw honey into a small bowl.

3. Add 1 tablespoon of the cinnamon powder to the honey and mix it together well.

4. Use your fingers to spread the face mask over your skin.

5. Leave it in place on your skin for about 15 to 20 minutes.

6. Rinse your face clean with water.

7. Use daily.

Lemon Juice And Honey For Blackheads

Lemon juice contains acids that help to exfoliate the skin and kill bacteria.

When using lemon juice you should try to avoid sun exposure and make sure to always wear a sunscreen in the days after using it.

Directions For Use:

1. Get a fresh lemon and a jar of raw honey.

2. Slice the lemon in half.

3. Squeeze one half of the lemon and place the juice in a bowl.

4. Add 1 tablespoon of the raw honey to the bowl and mix together.

5. Spread the mixture over your face using a brush.

6. Leave it on your face for approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

7. Wash your face clean again with water.

8. Use once or twice per week.

Milk and honey face wash for blackheads

can you use honey for blackheads

Directions For Use:

1. Get a bottle of milk and a jar of raw honey.

2. Measure half a cup of the honey into a small bowl.

3. Add half a cup of milk to the bowl.

4. Mix the two together well until you have a consistency that is creamy.

5. Use your fingers to gently rub the mixture into your skin as if washing your face.

6. Let the mixture sit on your skin for a few minutes. You can leave it for longer if you like.

7. Rinse your face clean again with tepid or cool water.

8. Wash your face with milk and honey every day for the best results for your complexion.


Side Effects And Precautions

  • Before using honey on your skin for the first time you should take a small amount of the mixture you have prepared and test it on the back of your arm. Leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes to see if your skin reacts to it.
  • Be aware that if you are allergic to pollen then you might be allergic to honey as well.
  • The general advice is that breastfeeding women should avoid using honey (2).


Final Thoughts

Honey is a gentle treatment for the skin that has a range of benefits.

One of those benefits is that it can help with the removal of blackheads due to its mild exfoliant properties and its ability to absorb excess sebum and dead skin. In the process it aids the unblocking of skin pores.

Have you tried using honey for blackheads? Please share your results in the comments section below.

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