The Best Lavender Essential Oil For Skin & Hair

Lavender oil is the most commonly used essential oil worldwide.

It’s famous for it’s sweet and distinctive scent.

But, it has so much more to offer…

For thousands of years, it’s also been used for its health and beauty benefits.

It can help to protect your face from aging, treat skin conditions, and stimulate hair growth.

And its relaxing aroma can also reduce anxiety and induce sleep.

We’ve taken a look at over 20 different products to find the best lavender essential oil for skin care and hair that’s available on the market today.

And in our buying guide, we’ll show you exactly what to look for.

Our top lavender oil picks at a glance:

  1. Plant Therapy USDA Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil
  2. USDA Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil by Aetos
  3. US Organic 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil
  4. Zongle Organic Lavender Essential Oil
  5. NOW Organic Lavender Oil

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Buying Guide: How To Choose

Best lavender essential oils buying guide

There are a number of important things to look out for when choosing the right lavender oil:

Is It Organic?

Ideally, you want to buy an organic lavender oil.

You see, your skin will be absorbing the things you put on it.

And this creates a small concern…

If the product isn’t certified organic then you can’t be sure that it hasn’t been exposed to toxic pesticides or other chemicals.

Which could leave trace amounts in the essential oil after production.

If you’re looking for the very best then you don’t really want chemical residues that can be absorbed.

So all of our selections below are USDA certified.

What Type Is It?

Did you know…

There are actually over 40 different types of lavender plant.

And any of them can be used to make essential oil.

But, you will commonly find a few different types that are available for purchase:

  • Lavandula angustofolia (True Lavender)
  • Lavandula latifolia (Spike Lavender)
  • Lavandula x intermedia  (Lavandin)

Each of these has a slightly different composition and properties.

The type that is most popular for skincare and aromatherapy is Lavandula angustifolia.

It has the highest concentration of two of the most important active compounds: linalool and linalyl acetate

These help to give it the nicest scent and many of its benefits for the skin.

All of our recommended products below are made from this species of lavender.

Is It Pure?

It’s best to buy 100% pure lavender oil that hasn’t been mixed with synthetic chemicals or other oils.

However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds…

Because essential oils that are advertised as 100% pure can be misleading.

What sometimes happens with low-quality products is that 100% pure oil is mixed with chemicals that are known to be found in the oil to create a cheaper product.

Incredibly, this sort of oil can still be advertised as being 100% pure!

But obviously, it’s not.

So, it’s important to go with a reputable brand. All the recommendations that we give below are high-quality brands that you can trust.

This is also sometimes the reason why some essential oils are more expensive for a smaller bottle of the product. It’s because you’re getting a genuine 100% pure oil.

Check The Packaging

You should only purchase essential oils that come in a dark amber or blue glass bottle.

This protects them from sunlight which can cause oxidation and a deterioration of the oil.

It’s also important for the bottle to be glass as essential oils can degrade plastic bottles.

And screw-top lids are preferred to lids with a dropper. This is because essential oils can disintegrate the rubber on the dropper.

So some brands include an orifice reducer in the neck of the bottle which allows for easy dispensing of drops.

The Top Lavender Essential Oils Reviewed

This is our selection of the best lavender essential oil brands:

Plant Therapy Lavender Oil

This lavender oil comes in a 1 oz (30 ml) dark amber glass bottle. It can also be purchased in 10 ml and 100 ml quantities.

Plant Therapy has a very good reputation for quality and for ensuring the purity of their products.

It’s USDA certified organic and is 100% pure with no additives or fillers.

The flowering tops of the Lavandula angustifolia plant from Bulgaria, are steam distilled to produce the oil.

We’ve tried a number of their essential oils previously and are always pleased with what we get.

And this one is no exception.

It’s a high-quality oil that goes well on skin and hair. And helps to clear up acne and pimples.

Some people also report that its anti-inflammatory properties work to relieve dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

You can also use this lavender essential oil in a diffuser for its wonderful anxiety relieving smell and to promote sleep at bedtime.


  • Superior product
  • Soothes irritation
  • Clears up acne and pimples
  • Contains an orifice reducer for easy use
  • Perfect for inducing sleep


  • Some people prefer the smell of other lavender varieties

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Aetos Lavender Essential Oil

This lavender essential oil by Aetos comes in a 1 oz dark blue glass bottle.

It contains 100% pure, undiluted, and natural Lavandula angustifolia from Bulgaria.

It’s USDA and ECOCERT certified organic and non-GMO. And it’s suitable for vegans.

This is a high-quality lavender essential oil that works well for skin complaints and can be used in essential oil diffusers producing a relaxing and pleasant smell.


  • Works well to soothe inflammatory conditions
  • Contains an orifice reducer to measure out drops
  • Long-lasting fresh floral scent
  • Good value


  • Some people buy it not realizing that this is a different lavender scent than what they are used to

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US Organic 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil

This lavender oil comes in a 1 oz dark amber glass bottle. It’s also available in a range of other sizes.

Containing no additives, preservatives, or toxins, it’s a 100% pure Bulgarian oil that’s USDA certified.

It’s also Leaping Bunny certified to prove that it’s an animal cruelty-free product.

Customers report success using this with a carrier oil as a body wash to treat skin conditions and comment on its lovely scent.

It’s also good when used on the scalp to treat dandruff and encourage hair growth.

People also enjoy using this lavender essential oil in soaps and candles, or a few drops in a relaxing bath.


  • Improves the appearance of your skin
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Contains orifice reducer
  • Leaping Bunny approved


  • Some customers complain that the floral aroma is not very strong

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Zongle Lavender Essential Oil

This pure lavender oil by Zongle comes in a 1 oz bottle.

It’s organic and USDA approved. And great care has been taken to make sure that it has been produced ethically. Using methods that conserve ecological balance and promote biodiversity.

It has undergone a range of tests to make sure that it’s of the highest quality. Including GC-MS testing, which is the highest standard available for essential oils.

The bottle is dark blue glass with a screw lid. But it also comes with a separate glass dropper for precise use.

This essential oil comes from France, and many customers enjoy its sweet smell.

French Lavandula angustofolia oil has a reputation for being sweeter and lighter smelling. Whereas the Bulgarian lavender is considered to be a richer earthy and fruity scent.


  • Soothing for inflammation
  • Rigorous testing that proves the quality of this lavender essential oil
  • Comes with a separate dropper


  • Some customers report not receiving the dropper with their order. However, others say that it’s easy to miss in the packaging, so examine all of it carefully.

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NOW Lavender Oil

This high quality lavender oil comes in a 1 oz dark amber bottle and is certified organic.

People find it very useful when used to heal cuts and scratches. and it makes a great insect repellant.

It makes an excellent addition to body butter, facial creams, and homemade beauty treatments.

And when diluted with a carrier oil it can help to improve your complexion and keep your skin looking fresh and glowing.

Try adding some of this lavender essential oil to your massage oil for a deeply relaxing and satisfying massage.


  • Like all the best lavender essential oils, it protects and heals
  • Helps with relaxation and sleep
  • Includes an orifice reducer


  • Long lasting smell that gets mixed reviews
  • Some complaints about the packaging

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The Benefits Of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender oil has benefits when used on your skin and hair, including:


One of the best reasons for using lavender essential oil is the long-term benefits it has.

It’s packed full of antioxidants that can help to protect against photo-aging caused by UV light from the sun.

This damage is largely responsible for the formation of lines and wrinkles on your face as you age.

Using topical antioxidants on a regular basis can keep you looking more youthful than your years.

You can add a few drops of the best lavender oil for skin to your moisturizer each day for quick use.


You’ve probably heard the anecdotal reports online from people who claim successful results using it to treat acne.

But, did you know…

That using lavender oil for acne is backed by scientific evidence.

Studies have shown that it has antibacterial properties that can kill the acne bacteria P.acnes (1).

And it also provides relief from inflammation.


Pure lavender oil has analgesic properties due to the linalool it contains.

It can relieve pain and is good for treating insect bites and bee stings.

Wounds And Burns

Pure therapeutic grade lavender oil can speed up the healing process of burns and wounds, including sores, ulcers, abrasions, cuts, and scratches.


Lavender essential oil is very active against MRSA and can be used as a treatment to prevent it from colonizing your skin.

Fungal Infections

It’s also been demonstrated in studies to be therapeutic against fungal infections such as ringworm, athlete’s foot, and candida.

Bug Repellant

You can use lavender oil as an effective natural bug repellant. Many types of insects, including mosquitoes, find its smell to be offensive.

Skin Cancer

Studies have demonstrated that linalool, one of its major components, has promising in vitro activity in the laboratory when used against basal cell carcinoma (2).

Lavender essential oil also has a proven effect when used on tumors in mice.

When used on human patients, its effectiveness is still to be determined.

Hair Growth

Studies have indicated that lavender oil could help to promote hair growth.

In one study conducted on mice, it was shown to increase the number of hair follicles and their depth (3).

In another study, in which alopecia patients used a mixture of lavender oil, thyme, cedarwood, and rosemary on their scalps, 44% demonstrated hair growth compared to 15% in a control group (4).

While studies have not been conducted to test the effectiveness of lavender oil on its own on people, known properties of the essential oil plus anecdotal reports suggest that it helps.

It’s also thought to help with hair loss.


Lavender is one of the best essential oils for skin and hair.

When applied topically, it offers antioxidant protection against photoaging of your face and neck.

It clears up conditions like acne, and infections. And heals cuts, scratches, and burns.

It’s also simple to use. Mix a few drops of pure lavender oil with your favorite carrier oil and you’re ready to go.

And it’s fragrance is excellent at helping you to relax. Reducing stress and anxiety, and encouraging sleep.

From the best lavender essential oils reviewed above, our favorite lavender oil is the one from Plant Therapy.

It’s one of the best lavender essential oil companies. They consistently produce natural essential oils of proven quality.

So you can sure that you’ll be getting all of the wonderful health benefits this oil has to offer.

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