The Best Grapeseed Oil: A Skin, Hair, & Cooking Favorite

Grapeseed oil has rightfully earned itself a reputation as one of the healthiest oils.

Making it the go-to choice of many for both cooking and beauty.

But finding the right product is important.

After researching all the top brands, the best grapeseed oil is Mary Tylor Naturals grapeseed oil.

It’s USDA certified organic, so it’s as healthy as you can get. It’s great for skin and hair. And it’s food grade, so you can use it for cooking as well.

The Best Grapeseed Oils

The table below contains our 3 favorite choices. And then we review the top 10 best grapeseed oils available today.

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Mary Tylor Naturals Grapeseed Oil

Mary Tylor Naturals

This 100% pure grapeseed oil comes in an 8 oz dark plastic bottle. It’s cold pressed, and contains no additives or impurities.

One of the big selling points of this oil is that it’s one of the few grapeseed oils that’s USDA certified organic.

And I love to see that.

Because it means that no chemicals have been used in its extraction or production.

Why does this matter?

Because you can be sure of no leftover chemical residues.

I usually like to see certification from a regulatory body such as the USDA to prove that a product really is organic.

But genuinely organic grapeseed oil is actually quite rare. And of the options available, this is the best value.

For this reason, it’s my top choice.

But, although you can use it for cooking, the container size means that you might run out quickly if you fry often.

It’s really aimed at the beauty market. And it can be used on its own or as a carrier oil.

Ideally, I’d prefer to see it in a glass bottle as well. But that would increase the price further. And the material used is PET plastic that’s food grade and BPA free.


La Tourangelle Grapeseed Oil

La Tourangelle

This grapeseed oil by La Tourangelle is a cooking oil.

Its mild and enjoyable taste means that it allows the flavor of food to shine through. And it’s ideal for frying, sauteing, marinating, and for salad dressing.

It’s a non-gmo oil. But it’s not certified organic. And as it’s expeller pressed, it’s free from hexane.

It’s mainly aimed at the culinary market. However, some customers do use it as a carrier oil for their essential oils and are happy with it. It’s quickly absorbed by the skin, and it’s excellent at conditioning hair and scalp.

You can buy it in 3 sizes: 16.9 ounces, 25.4 ounces, and 128 ounces.


Nature Certified Pure Grapeseed Oil

Nature Certified

This product from Nature Certified comes in a 4 oz (120 ml) bottle with a pump lid. It’s made from plastic but it’s BPA free and non-toxic.

It’s USDA certified organic. So it’s guaranteed to be free of chemical contaminants.

This very high-quality oil has been extracted from the seeds of organic Pinot Noir grapes from the California region of Sonoma.

These have a very high antioxidant content which helps to give it its anti-aging benefits when applied to the skin.

It’s a cold-pressed and unrefined oil. So it hasn’t been deodorized like many refined grapeseed oils. This means that it has a distinctive wine-like smell, which disappears quickly after use.

Unrefined grapeseed oils haven’t undergone any further processing, so they are as natural as they come.

It has a small amount of natural vitamin E added to act as a preservative to extend its shelf-life.

It’s mainly targeted at the skincare market, but you can also use it in the kitchen.


Pompeian Grapeseed Oil


Made from the seeds of imported French wine grapes, this grapeseed oil is designed for cooking.

Its high smoke point makes it perfect for deep frying and stir frying. While it’s also great to use for baking cakes, cookies, and pastries.

And its light and pleasant taste means that it won’t overpower the flavor of the food.

It comes in a large value 64 oz size. So it will last you a long time, even if you cook regularly.

The oil is high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids that are good for your health.

Pompeian is well-known for its line of high-quality olive oils. But, while this is a nice oil for food, customers don’t recommend using it on your skin.


Grapeseed Oil By Sky Organics

Sky Organics

This is a cold-pressed and refined grapeseed oil that’s suitable for cooking and skin care. Although it’s mostly aimed at the beauty market.

It’s useful for all skin types including oily skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin.

As an organic product, it’s completely free of all chemicals and synthetic ingredients. However, it’s not certified.

And it’s great to know that it’s cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Sourced from Italy, it comes in a large 8 fluid ounce bottle with a pump dispenser. This makes it easy to use 3 or 4 drops of oil at a time for your face, which is all you need to leave it well moisturized. So this product will last a long time for the average person.

Importantly, it has received a lot of praise for having a long shelf life, as many other inferior grapeseed oils can turn rancid quite quickly

It’s effective as a moisturizer and will help your skin to look and feel smooth.

And you can use it for nourishing and moisturizing your hair as well.

The company says that the oil has a 2 year shelf-life.


Renewalize Grapeseed Oil


Another facial oil, this product comes in a 4 oz bottle with a dropper lid.

It comes in the best packaging you can get because it’s dark amber glass.  This protects the grapeseed oil from the sunlight and extend its life.

Renewalize say that it should be good for over a year. But you can increase its shelf-life by keeping it refrigerated.

It’s an oil of the highest quality. As it’s unrefined, and 100% pure. And it’s also USDA certified organic.

Because it’s unrefined, it also has a mild scent of red wine. Which is important to realize, because some people prefer and expect their oils to be odorless.

With regular use, this natural cold-pressed grapeseed oil can help to soften and strengthen your hair. And it moisturizes the hair follicles and the scalp, reducing dandruff.

It’s also great for your nails. Encouraging them to grow shiny and strong. While moisturizing the cuticles.

Topical use of this face oil leaves the skin well hydrated without feeling greasy.


Handcraft Pure & Natural Grapeseed Oil


This premium and therapeutic grade grapeseed oil has been a big hit with customers since its release. With overwhelmingly positive reviews online.

The vitamin E and omega fatty acids it contains give it its moisturizing powers. With many people reporting that it’s great at relieving dry skin. And because it has high levels of linoleic acid it helps to get rid of dermatitis and eczema.

You’ll also like its anti-aging properties. Happy customers say that regular use leaves their skin looking youthful and feeling soft.

And that’s not all.

Because it’s also good for your hair. And it moisturizes and strengthens your nails and cuticles.

It can be used in many ways. With good reviews as a massage oil, aromatherapy oil, and natural makeup remover.

It comes in a l6 oz bottle and has a pump lid, which I find so much easier than a screw or flip top. And a lot less mess. But screw cap and flip top lids are included as well if you prefer.

The main downside, given that it’s an oil targeted at the beauty market, is that it’s not an organic product.

But because it’s expeller pressed it is hexane free.

However, I prefer oils that are cold-pressed. As there’s still some heating of the oil that takes place with an expeller press. And heating destroys some of the beneficial nutrients in the oil.


Maple Holistics Pure Grapeseed Oil

Maple Holistics

One of the great things about grapeseed oil is that it’s thin and easily absorbed by the skin.

And that’s one of the reasons this brand is so popular with consumers.

It doesn’t block your skin pores. And there are many satisfied customers who’ve used Maple Holistics for acne. Some people have even seen an improvement within days.

And that’s not the only benefit it has. Because it also helps to reduce rosacea and dermatitis.

It’s 100% pure and natural. But, it’s not organic.

That’s not a big problem though, as the quality of this oil is shown in the results it gets for happy customers.

Regular use effectively moisturizes the skin. Leaving a soft and smooth complexion.

And hair looks lustrous and shiny when it’s used as a conditioner.

The grapeseed oil comes in a 4 oz dark blue plastic bottle. And it’s cruelty-free and eco-friendly.

But although it’s edible this is another oil that’s mostly aimed at the beauty market.


Fushi Grapeseed Oil

Made in the United Kingdom, this product is cold-pressed, unrefined, and has been certified as organic oil by the UK Soil Association.

It’s 100% pure, suitable for vegans, and comes in a 3.5 oz (100 ml) dark glass bottle.

Because this natural grapeseed oil is unrefined it does have a slightly acidic smell.

But this is a very high-quality product that provides excellent soothing and moisturizing properties to your skin, hair, and scalp.


NOW Solutions Grapeseed Oil

NOW Solutions

This 100% pure grape seed oil from NOW comes in a 16 oz clear plastic bottle. Usually, I prefer to see oils packaged in dark bottles to protect them from sunlight. But, the company say that a UV filter has been added to the plastic to provide protection.

It’s a light, odorless, food grade oil. But, it’s mostly aimed at people who want to use grapeseed oil for hair and skin.

It absorbs nicely and provides excellent moisturization. Which improves skin texture and helps to regulate the sebum levels of oily skin.

You can also use it to strengthen your nails and hydrate cuticles. And if you suffer from dry and cracked lips in the winter, then it makes a good homemade lip balm.



It’s well-known as a healthy oil that has a high smoke point. But grapeseed oil is also very popular with women for beauty.

You’ll find that the best grapeseed oil for skin is an effective moisturizer and emollient for your skin and hair. And because it contains antioxidants it can neutralize free radicals that damage your skin and lead to aging. Helping to prevent the formation of lines and wrinkles.

It’s easily absorbed, and a large bottle of high quality, pure grapeseed oil can last you for ages!

And the health benefits of grapeseed oil go further than that.

It has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Which makes it excellent for treating skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

And it’s an amazing oil when used as part of a homemade treatment for acne breakouts. Because it can soothe the inflammation.

Buying an oil that’s pure and unrefined will ensure that you get the very best quality.

Our favorite grapeseed oil available on the market today is the one from Mary Tylor Naturals.

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