The Best Vitamin E Capsules For Face, Skin, & Hair

Vitamin E has a number of beneficial properties for the skin and hair.

It provides effective moisturization, helps to prevent skin aging, and can be used to promote hair growth and improve the appearance of dull and lifeless hair.

Vitamin E capsules can be an easy and effective way of getting these benefits.

But, it’s important to find the best vitamin E capsules for face, skin, and hair. We’ve done the research so that you don’t have to.

These are our favorite vitamin E oil capsules:

The Best Vitamin E Capsules

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Why Use Vitamin E Oil Capsules For Face And Hair

Vitamin E is a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant that’s naturally found in your body. It’s important for a number of areas of your health including your eyes, hormonal system, and immune system.

It also has benefits for both your skin and your hair.

You can get vitamin E through your diet by consuming foods that contain a large amount of vitamin E. These include vegetable oils, nuts, avocados, apples, and tomatoes.

However, many people don’t consume enough vitamin E in their diet.

Not only that, but studies have shown that using the oil from a capsule is an efficient way to increase the amount of vitamin E in the skin.

Vitamin E capsules and pills can be consumed to help your general health including your skin. They can also be broken open and used directly on your face and hair.

The Benefits Of Vitamin E Oil Capsules

Vitamin E capsules can have a number of benefits:



Vitamin E can help to improve the texture and appearance of dry skin. This is because it plays an important part in maintaining your skin barrier and helping it to retain moisture.

Studies have shown that when used over the period of a month, a significant improvement in skin hydration can be observed (1).

Antioxidant Protection And Anti-aging

Vitamin E’s main function in your skin is to help protect against free radical damage that’s caused after exposure to ultraviolet from the sun.

This damage ages the skin and shows itself as lines and wrinkles.

By using vitamin E, studies have shown that you can increase the amount of protection that your skin gets from the harmful aging effects of the sun (2).

This slows the rate at which wrinkles and lines appear as you age.

Treating Sunburn

After you’ve spent a bit too much time in the sun and your skin is starting to look red and feel sore you can reduce the damage that has been caused by applying the oil from the vitamin E capsule to your skin.

The actual damage that is caused by exposure to the sun continues for many hours after you come out of it, and studies have demonstrated that the application of vitamin E can limit the damage that is caused even when applied after exposure (3).


Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties that make it useful in the treatment of inflammatory skin conditions.

Atopic dermatitis is one condition that studies have shown vitamin E can improve (4).

Skin Lightening And Hyperpigmentation

Excessive production of melanin in the skin leads to the formation of areas of hyperpigmentation. This is seen in skin discolouration disorders such as melasma, and age spots.

Topical application of vitamin E oil from the capsules can have a depigmenting effect, reducing the appearance of the melanin and lightening skin (5).


Vitamin E oil capsules can also have some benefits for your hair:

Hair Growth

Vitamin E helps to stimulate the growth of blood capillaries in the scalp. This helps to enhance blood circulation and encourages the growth of strong healthy hair.

Split Ends

Overuse of hot hair styling tools such as flat irons and curling irons, or dying of the hair, can sometimes lead to split ends.

Applying vitamin E oil to the hair from the roots to the tips can help to restore its health and appearance.

Lustrous Hair

Rubbing vitamin E oil into the hair helps to condition it and make dry and dull hair appear shinier and more lustrous.


What To Look For In A Vitamin E Oil Capsule

When choosing a jar of vitamin E oil capsules there are a few things to consider to make sure you are getting the best product:

Natural vs Synthetic Form

Capsules contain vitamin E that can come in two different forms.

The natural form is superior to the synthetic form.

The natural form can be identified on the bottle of vitamin E capsules because the vitamin E will be listed as d-alpha tocopherol, d-alpha tocopheryl acetate, or d-alpha tocopheryl succinate.

The synthetic form will have a dl– prefix.

D-alpha tocopherol is the most active type of vitamin E biologically. It has only one isomer (this means that the atoms that make up this molecule can only have one arrangement).

The synthetic form comes in eight different isomers, only one of which is the same as the natural form of vitamin E.

The other seven isomers that the synthetic form contains are not as potent, and your body has a preference for using the natural type.

While the synthetic form will still have benefits for your skin and hair, we recommend using the natural d–alpha tocopherol.

Vitamin E Or Vitamin E Ester?

Some vitamin E capsules contain one of the ester forms of vitamin E, tocopheryl succinate or tocopheryl acetate.

These need to be converted into the normal form of vitamin E once they are in your skin before they can have any effect.

It’s not firmly established how efficiently these ester forms are converted at this moment in time.

Therefore, it’s recommended to use capsules containing tocopherols instead.

In addition to alpha-tocopherol you will often find products containing the other natural tocopherols, beta-tocopherol, delta-tocopherol, and gamma-tocopherol, which are all vitamin E and all exist naturally in your body.


IU is an abbreviation for international unit. It measures the vitamin E activity in the vitamin E capsule.

The greater the number the greater the activity level of the vitamin E.


The Best Vitamin E Capsules For Face, Skin, & Hair Reviews

Here we take a look at the best brand of vitamin E capsules for your face, skin and hair.

The Best Vitamin E Capsule Brands


Solgar Vitamin E Softgels

These vitamin E capsules by Solgar come in a bottle of 100 softgels. Each softgel contains vitamin E oil with an IU of 1000.

It contains d-alpha tocopherol, along with the other naturally occurring tocopherols, d-beta tocopherol, d-gamma tocopherol, and d-delta tocopherol.

People report good improvements in the condition of their skin and hair from using these capsules. Regular use relieves dry and itchy skin and scalp and leaves the skin looking glowing.


Natrogix Vitamin E Softgels

These vitamin E capsules by Natrogix come in a jar of 120 softgels. The vitamin E oil in each of the capsules has an activity level of 1000 IU.

All of the naturally occurring tocopherols are present, with d-alpha tocopherol as the main ingredient, but also containing d-gamma tocopherol, d-delta tocopherol, and d-beta tocopherol.

These are also large capsules, which is worth bearing in mind if you intend on swallowing them. But, they are softgels, so most people won’t have any problem.


NOW Vitamin E Softgels

These vitamin E softgels from Now Foods come in a bottle of 100. Each softgel contains 400 IU of vitamin E.

It mostly contains d-alpha tocopherol, along with a smaller amount of the mixed natural tocopherols.

It also contains a small amount of selenium, because of evidence linking it to cancer prevention.

People report achieving glowing skin from both eating these capsules and by topical application.

These softgels are smaller than the 2 choices above, so if you’re concerned about your ability to swallow capsules these might be a better choice.



Vitamin E is essential for health and has great benefits when applied to the skin or the hair.

It can protect your face from the development of lines and wrinkles, help with treating skin conditions like dermatitis and acne, moisturize the skin, and encourage hair growth.

The products we have reviewed above are all good choices. But you can see our top rated selection for the best vitamin E capsules for face, skin, and hair on Amazon here:

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