How To Use Geranium Essential Oil For Acne

Don’t you just love geranium oil?

Its sweet, floral scent is relaxing and reminds me of spring.

But there’s a whole lot more to it than that.

It also has powerful healing properties that are good for your skin.

In this article, I’ll show you how to use geranium essential oil for acne.

Is Geranium Oil Good For Acne?

geranium oil and flowers

Going by the reports of people using it for acne treatment, yes it is.

But, usually, I like to see some scientific confirmation.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any studies that have looked at geranium oil for acne.

But it does have proven properties that strongly suggest a use.

Firstly, it’s antibacterial. And studies have shown that some of the main compounds it contains, citronellol and geraniol, can kill the acne bacteria P. acnes (1, 2).

Secondly, it has anti-inflammatory properties. Always useful when dealing with an inflammatory skin condition like acne.

And thirdly, it contains antioxidants that are useful for preventing and reducing acne.

Oxidative damage to sebum in the skin’s pores, caused by ultraviolet light from the sun, is a key stage in the formation of the condition (3).

Applying antioxidants to the skin can help to prevent this damage.

How To Use Geranium Essential Oil For Acne

Essential oils can be too strong for the skin when undiluted.

So it’s advised to mix them with a carrier oil. Aim for a concentration of approximately 2% when using a new oil.

Here are some recipe ideas that you can try:

Geranium Oil And Water

bottle of essential oil


  • Get a bottle of geranium essential oil.
  • Get a measuring cylinder and measure 100 ml of water into it.
  • Add 2ml of oil to the measuring cylinder.
  • Pour the water and oil into a small bottle with a spray top.
  • Attach the top and shake the bottle well before spraying onto your skin.
  • Use each day.

Geranium Oil And Avocado Oil

avocado oil

Avocado oil makes a good carrier oil for acne sufferers. It’s easily absorbed by the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Get a bottle of cold-pressed avocado oil and a bottle of geranium oil.
  • Using a measuring cylinder measure out 100 ml of avocado oil and 2ml of geranium oil into a bowl.
  • Mix the two together using a spoon.
  • Apply it to clean skin using your fingertips.
  • Repeat every day for best results.

Geranium Oil And Aloe Vera Gel

aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is good to mix with essential oils as it soothes inflammation of the skin.


  • Get a bottle of geranium oil and a bottle of Aloe vera gel.
  • Get a small bowl and using a spoon place 1 tablespoon of the gel into it.
  • Mix in 2-3 drops of geranium oil.
  • Use your fingers to rub the mixture into your skin.
  • This can be used every day.

Side Effects And Precautions

Before using geranium essential oil for the first time it’s a good idea to patch test.

Apply a few drops of the diluted oil to your wrist to see if you have a reaction to it.

Final Thoughts

Although we don’t have the scientific evidence to back it up, many people say that geranium oil has improved their acne.

And if you like its scent, then it makes sense to use it mixed with a carrier oil.

Alternatively, you can also try adding a couple of drops to your favorite moisturizer.

Have you tried geranium essential oil for acne? What was your experience?

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